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texts 72
Pork industry and trade 52
Swine 27
Porc (Viande) 10
Pork industry and trade, Periodicals 9
Swine, Periodicals 9
Porcs 7
Cattle trade 6
Pork 6
Pork industry and trade United States 5
Acides gras oméga 3 2
Bacon 2
Cooking 2
Cooking (Pork) 2
Grain 2
Lard 2
Omega-3 fatty acids 2
Trichinosis 2
pork 2
African swine fever Prevention Government policy United States 1
Agricultural experiment stations 1
Agricultural experiment stations Research United States Bibliography 1
Agriculture Research United States Bibliography 1
Animaux domestiques 1
Bacon industry United States 1
Beans 1
Beef cattle 1
Bermuda grass 1
Cabbage 1
Chemical preservatives 1
Christmas trees 1
Corn 1
Cotton 1
Cotton growing 1
Cottonseed 1
Crimson clover 1
Dairying 1
Domestic animals 1
Eggs 1
Food industry and trade 1
Garnet wheat 1
Grain trade 1
Grazing 1
Greenhouse management 1
Greenhouses 1
Grocery shopping 1
Harvesting machinery 1
Hybrid corn 1
Irrigation 1
Labor supply 1
Meat industry and trade 1
Milk 1
Milk consumption 1
Milk trade 1
Mississippi 1
Nitrites 1
Oats 1
Pastures 1
Peach 1
Pine 1
Pork -- Marketing 1
Pork -- Prices United States 1
Pork Marketing 1
Pork industry and trade -- Southern States 1
Pork industry and trade -- United States 1
Pork industry and trade Government policy United States 1
Pork industry and trade Safety regulations United States 1
Pork industry and trade Statistics 1
Poultry 1
Rice 1
Roofs 1
Rural-urban migration 1
Rye 1
Sauce industry 1
Soils 1
Swine Diseases Prevention Government policy United States 1
Swine Research United States Bibliography 1
Swine Virus diseases Prevention Government policy United States 1
Transportation 1
Trichinosis in animals 1
Tung Tree 1
Watermelons 1
Weeds 1
Wheat 1
pork industry and trade Research United States Bibliography 1
alberta swine improvement program (canada) 12
united states. bureau of agricultural economics 9
alberta. alberta agriculture. northwest region 6
ewing, perry van 3
canada. agriculture and agri-food canada 2
hankins, o. g 2
pasquet, joseph 2
united states. agricultural research service 2
warner, k. f. 2
winter, alexander w 2
agnew, donald burns, 1919- 1
american meat institute. committee on textbooks 1
ashby, b. hunt 1
baird, andrew w.(andrew wesley),1929-; barnes, billy suggs.; blair, paul t.(paul titus),1922-; blount, clyde l.(clyde lamar); campbell, c. m.(carl melvin),1926-; coats, robert e.; crecink, john calvin,1921-2012.; crowe, grady b.(grady bluhm); dickins, dorothy,1898-1975.; fulgham, robert e.; griffin, jack g.,1920-; grissom, perrin h.(perrin holmes); hamill, james g.; hill, james e.(james edward),1921-; hurt, b. c.; hurt, verner g.(verner gene),1929-; ivanoff, s. s.(spas simeonoff),1899-; kaufman, harold f.(harold frederick),1911-1990.; keenan, walter e.,1910-; kilby, w. w.(w. wilson); kimbrough, e. a.(emmett alexander),1921-; knight, william e.(william eric),1920-; lancaster, j. d.(james d.),1919-; leclerg, robert e.(robert erwin); leray, nelson l.,1927-; loftin, marion t.(marion theo),1915-; maitland, sheridan t.(sheridan tracy),1917-; moore, e. l.(ermer leon),1915-; morrison, e. g.(emory gene); mullins, troy.; murphree, l. c.(leland c.),1912-; o'kelly, joseph fred; overcash, j. p.(jean parks),1917-; pedersen, harald a.; ranney, c. d.(carleton david),1928-; read, frederick h.(frederick henry); riley, j. a.(jack a.); roberts, edward g.(edward guernsey),1909-; saunders, john,1930-2012; seale, a. d.(arthur david),1923-; shain, william arthur,1931-; silverman, leslie j.; simpson, james h.; thomas, charles h.(charles hill),1922-; thomas, w. o.(william o.); tramel, thomas e.; vanderford, harvey b.(harvey birch),1910-; watson, w. w.; wells, chester m.(chester millington),1920-; wilber, george l.; williamson, e. b.(e. buford),1913-; wooten, o. b.; 1
burk, l. b. (lloyd byron), b. 1883 1
canada. agriculture canada. direction générale de la recherche 1
canada. agriculture et agroalimentaire canada 1
canada. parliament. house of commons. select standing committee on agriculture and colonization 1
chapais, j. c. (jean charles), 1850-1926 1
coburn, f. d. (foster dwight), 1846-1924 1